Creating moments.

"Also Starring Jon Bernthal as the voice of Judith"

  • Judith: Waaaa, Rick. Waaaaa.
  • Judith: Lemme axe you sumthin', man. You think you can change my diaper? You think you man enough to do that in front uh Carl?
  • Judith: I was inside Lori for nine months. Nine months, Rick. You couldn't even last inside her for nine seconds, man.
  • Judith: I'm a better baby than you ever were, Rick.
  • Judith: *rubs little hand furiously over head*

- Sherlock, I’m home- 

- Hello, John.
- Hello, Watson.
- You’re late, dear Watson.

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Not hating, but Beth and Daryl have more chemistry in 4 episodes than Carol and Daryl had in 4 seasons.



Carol made Daryl a better human being by showing him that he belonged and that there was someone who cared about him, and he made her into a stronger, more independent woman because his dedication to finding Sophia showed her that there was still hope for humanity, that not everyone was like Ed.

All that happened between Daryl and Beth was Beth cried for about half a season, and then they went to look for alcohol.


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Favourite Community Moments (15/?): Greendale Community Asylum
1.05 Advanced Criminal Law

"Gentlemen, I’m sure you suspected that Ms Perry was pretty odd before the recess. But if you could’ve heard all the stuff she just told me in the shower, you would realise she is all the way out of her entire damn mind."

Best show ever.

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